About: Damara

Erotic Romance writer, artist, mom, wife, all around hopeless romantic and delinquent.

When Damara was younger, she had the opportunity to travel. Meeting a lot of interesting people and visiting some really beautiful places. Germany, France and Spain still rank among her favorite places to see and be seen.

She developed a deep love for fast cars at an early age. Saying that little can compare to being in control of big block as your car growls beneath you, rumbling down the drag strip at high speeds.
Her love for beautiful places, friendly faces and Hot Rods (Cars and Guys) can be seen in many of her stories.

She has been writing most of her life. At an early age she had poems published by her local newspaper and by the National Library of Congress.

Currently, residing in North Carolina with her husband, children and dogs. In her spare time she’s either working on a ’66 vintage Ford or at the local drag strip giving the guys a run for their money.

So, if you have a willingness to be drawn in by a compelling story, then Damara has a story or two that needs to be told. If you enjoy stories about women who are on a journey to find their inner Goddess; exploring the depths of their sexuality, then welcome to Damara’s world.


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